Real-time control

Gain real-time, comprehensive insights on your sales and clients.

Boost your revenues

Easily identify your best products, services and clients.

Simplify your financial reporting

Export your financial data in one clic from your backoffice.

All included

Real-time transactions history

Mass marketing campaign

Money transfer

Envoi de SMS en masse

Contacts management

Vente de AirTime

Automatic repayment

Payment channels management

Privilege settings

More features to discover

Connect to your backoffice from any platform

Your backoffice is available whenever you want, wherever you want.

Shopping by CinetPay
A simple way to manage your transactions.

A single platform for all your transactions: access to your sales data and manage your transfers.

Shopping by CinetPay
Automatic repayment

Automatically receive your balance on your bank account.

Easily search for a specific payment

Easily search for a specific payment

Keep your sales information close and quickly find any transaction, from your backoffice. Categorize your collected payments by date, amount or status. Be notified of the success of your payments collection, or when a payment is cancelled.

Search by date
Search by status
Search by payment channels

Never miss another sale with CinetPay

Join us and collect payments from your clients' mobile money accounts,
credit cards and e-wallets.

  • Orange côte d'ivoire
    Mobile Money

    Orange Money

  • MTN côte d'ivoire
    Mobile Money

    MTN Mobile Money

  • Moov côte d'ivoire
    Mobile Money

    Moov Money

  • Tmoney
    Mobile Money


  • Free money Sénégal
    Mobile Money

    Free Money cash

  • Visa
    Credit card


  • mastercard
    Credit card


  • Mobicash Mali
    Mobile Money


  • wari


  • yup


  • Express Union Mobile Money Cameroun
    Mobile Money

    Express Union Mobile Money

  • mpessa


  • Airtel Money
    Mobile Money

    Airtel Money

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