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Boost your sales by combining Prestashop and CinetPay

Automatically synchronized Prestashop and CinetPay backoffices. Benefit from native integration from any Prestashop 1.6 account, downloadable in 1 clic for 1.5 versions

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PrestaShop is the most downloaded open-source e-commerce software. Since 2007, PrestaShop has revolutionized the e-commerce sector by offering customer-oriented functionalities that considerably boost merchants' sales.
The PrestaTeam is composed of more than 70 e-commerce experts and a community of more than 700 000 membres passionate about cutting-edge technologies.
In order to increase the productivity of your merchant website, PrestaShop partnered with major players of the ecommerce sector.

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Collect payments with CinetPay

Integrate online payment on your Prestashop website in 1 clic, without subscribing! CinetPay enables you to safely collect mobile money payments, with or without VAD agreement. Your customers don't need to fill any form. Open a CinetPay merchant account