Regulation on authorized usage of this website

Please read, download and save the present regulation.
The user of CinetPay services is the only responsible for complying to laws and regulations in force. The user shall also accept Vous devez par ailleurs accepter present terms on authorized uses.

Forbidden activites

CinetPay service shall not be use for following activities:

1.breaching a law, a contact, a regulation or a prescription;
2.linked to transactions involving (a) narcotics, steroids, and other substances regulated or other products constituting a risk for consumer's health and security; (b) drugs and other related objects; (c) objects aiming to incite, promote, or facilitate illegal activities or to explain to others how to co-ordinate such activities; (d) stolen objects, especially digital and virtual goods; (e) objects preaching hatred, violence, racial intolerance or the financial exploitation of criminal acts; (f) objects that can be considered as obscene; (g) objects breaching author rights, d'objets qui enfreignent ou violent un/une quelconque droit d'auteur, a registered trademark, copyright or privacy protection or any other property right, with regards to the laws of another juridiction; (h) products or services of a sexual nature; (i) ammunitions, firearms, pieces or accessories linked to firearms; (j) arms or knives regulated by laws in force;
3. linked to transactions which (a) reveal personal data, in breach with laws in force; (b) involve pyramid schemes or Ponzi scheme, matrix system or other scams or other Network Marketing programs; (c) linked to the acquisition oflife annuity or lottery contracts, anticipatory policies, transborder operations or banking transactions aiming to finance or refinance debts linked to a credit card; (d) involve selling objects before the merchant has these objects in its possession; (e) use payment processing systems collecting payments on behalf of a merchant; (f) involve selling travellers' cheque or warrants; (h) involve impliquent des currency exchange services or check cashing or (i) involve debt repurchase, negociating debt repurchase or credit transactions or insurance activities;
4.inducing selling products or services identified by authorities as presenting a high probability of fraud;
5.breaching laws in force and industrial regulations regarding selling tabacco products or (b) medications and other medical devices;
6.involving gambling, or any activity involving paying a price and distributing gains, apart when the organiser obtained the prior authorization with CinetPay and that the organiser complies with the jurisdiction;

Activities requiring an authorization

CinetPay ask for a prior authorization to cashin payments linked to some services as indicated in following table:

Services requiring an authorization Contact details
Airline companies, or charter jets taxis companies; collecting donations for a charity or non-lucrative company; selling jewelry, precious metal and stones; finacnial intermediary in selling electronic wallets; selling stock, equities, deeds, etc, or ou interest in the investment in any entity or goods; or the provision of depositary services. Please send contact details, website URL and a brief description of its commercial activity to [email protected]
Online meeting services; provision of shared files or access to forums; selling alcoolic drinks. Please send contact details, website URL and a brief description of its commercial activity to [email protected]

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Infringement to the Terms on authorized uses

We encourage you to immediately report any violations of the present Terms on authorized activities. Whether in doubt, please contact [email protected]